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The Lion and The Unicorn is a trans media graphic narrative (a story told in words and pictures via various electronic and print media). It is a timeless morality saga in the epic tradition of Anglo-Saxon legend, whilst being the slickest, most cutting edge, blockbuster adventure in the Hollywood mould

The story is set in the present day in the quasi-mythic alternate reality of Thamesis, a science-fictionalized but recognizable analogue to London and capital city of the Kingdom of Albion (analogous to the United Kingdom, but also including all of Ireland, Brittany and part of Denmark). The geography of the map of Albion having been altered to include all of Britain's historic and mythic territories (Including the Viking sagas of Denmark under King Cnut and the Medieval Romancesof Brittany), creating the potential landscape for a Mythopoeia or legendarium (like Tolkein's Middle-Earth) based on history, legend and folk lore from both ancient and modern Britain.

In this world of mighty Kingdoms of towering concrete and glittering glass, of Hero Kings in crisp, white suits and brave Knights in fast, black cars, the shinning and elusive ‘magic’ of psychic and telekinetic Power is not only an empirically measured, scientific fact but also an essential part of modern, urban living; as ubiquitous as an ipod as dangerous as a crack pipe, as beautiful and entertaining, anti social and destructive as a spray can

The Lion and The Unicorn of the title are Defenders of the Realm and Keepers of the King’s Peace, and have been instated by the new and charismatic young King as a direct response to the perceived threat of Power Terrorism. Together the two heroes; The Lion - an embiterred war hero from the Kingdom's 'glorious past' and The Unicorn - a naieve but incredibly Powerful young woman, form an uneasy alliance, combining their unique abilities as the last line of defence against the Powered criminals and terrorists too powerful, dangerous and destructive for the regular authorities to handle.

As they develop as partners the two heroes learn of The Work; a threat greater than anything they ever imagined that could destroy everything they hold dear…

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